Pillar three




We believe that play is a highly relevant 21st century neurobiological activity (and are thick in the midst of conducting postgraduate tertiary research to prove it).

Play? IS A BIG DEAL for everybody – but it is NOT something else you need to DO.

Play is restorative, unique and diverse.

We dispel that idea that play is a waste of time. We recognise that we need to carve space and time to connect with ourselves, and nourish our mind, body and spirit and that doing this is productive. We believe in recognising the division of responsibility: what’s our responsibility? What’s their responsibility?

We tap into the power of the micro-moments of connection that exist in our day-to-day.

We don't need to be micro-managing ALL THE THINGS all the time! When our lives are too structured and rigid, we can rob our children of the opportunity of self discovery! When we understand that meaningfully connecting with our child doesn’t mean we need to DO more, the weight of pressure drops away and we tap into the power of being present to what’s happening in the moment.

We take our job as parents seriously (but not ourselves)

Let’s be real: as a parent, there’s an endless supply of worry at our fingertips, mixed with a dash of ‘don’t stuff this up’ and an overwhelming need to be the ‘best you can be’ for your kiddos. When we are able to laugh at ourselves, offer ourselves radical self love and grace and SEPARATE our self worth from our role as a parent: EVERYBODY WINS.

Johnny Farnham said it best!

I'm Amy

& I like squishy hugs

I’m an imperfect human enjoying the process of becoming my best self, showing up and growing up alongside my kids, and helping others do the same.

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