Pillar Four


Just because we are adults does NOT mean that we are done growing up.


We know we’ll grow. When you grow yourself, you grow your child.

When we get curious about ‘self’ and lean in to our continual evolution, we understand ourselves better, which helps us cultivate better relationships, which helps our families thrive.

Being a parent changes us.

As the gorgeous Amy Taylor-Kabbaz says, ‘everybody tells us that parenting is about raising kids. Nobody tells us that parenting is also about raising ourselves.’

We acknowledge that like adolescence is a period between childhood and adulthood, matrescence is the profound and ongoing identity shift and evolution from maiden to mother. We can release beliefs that don’t serve us; cultivate beliefs, skills and habits that do, and recognise that being a parent requires a constantly evolving identity.

We parent with a Growth Mindset; the belief that abilities can be cultivated.

Just because we are adults, does not mean we are done growing up! We view mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning and release hard self-judgement and criticism. We approach each day with the knowledge that we can - and will - learn something new. When we know better, we do better. And when we grow ourselves, we grow our children!

We are curious and self-aware.

We believe that our children challenge us to be our best, not bring out our worst. We recognise that the challenges of raising little people can trigger unhealed parts of our own inner child. When we are aware of our buttons and triggers, we can show up and support our children in a different way, allowing us to respond with intention rather than react on autopilot.

I'm Amy

& I like squishy hugs

I’m an imperfect human enjoying the process of becoming my best self, showing up and growing up alongside my kids, and helping others do the same.

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