Pillar One


We always start with our unique family in mind. We use our unique values as a guide, lean into individual temperaments and interests and build on challenges.


Every human being is unique and individual, with different interests, needs
and strengths. This is an evolutionary necessity! When we see our families
for who they ARE – not who the world says they ‘should be’ – everybody thrives.

All posts and podcasts related to this pillar supports these core beliefs:

The most valuable tool in our parenting toolbox is our connection with our child.

We recognise that perfection is a unicorn (aka it doesn’t exist) and strive for connection with our children - and ourselves - instead.

We don’t reserve our love only for when our children please us.

We may not love all of their behaviour, but we love who they are, no matter what. When we distinguish their behaviour from their worth, we give them a safe space to blossom into the authentic version of themselves. They will learn they are enough exactly as they are.

Development should never be hurried for the sake of expectations, convenience OR competition.

We lean in and honour the embedded timeline within our child. We observe what he or she can do, what they are naturally drawn to and what they are good at rather than focus on what they can’t do (yet).

I'm Amy

& I like squishy hugs

I’m an imperfect human enjoying the process of becoming my best self, showing up and growing up alongside my kids, and helping others do the same.

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