Life Lessons from a Cartoon Dog

Welcome to our Life Lessons series!

We LOVE the cartoon Bluey around here.

This series will focus on the simple ways you can enjoy spending time with your littles (without having to DO MORE) and will showcase these ‘life lessons’ in the context of the one and only Heeler Family.

And yep – it may be a 7 minute cartoon, but the life lessons are more profound than you may think.

Wackadoo – let’s go!

Life Lessons from a Cartoon Dog

One of the greatest things about Bluey is it’s an awesome depiction of modern family life.  Every episode contains a bundle of constructive parenting messages and is something we feel very aligned to here at Playful Families!


This series explores how our Playful Path and ENJOY Approach look in action.

Our ENJOY Approach in Action

Playful Families® is a movement that empowers NEW GENERATION parents with a more empowering, more respectful, more playful way of raising our kids. This series explores how Bluey helps us be the best version of ourselves, with less guilt, more joy, less DOING and more BEing!

Walking the Playful Path®

Let's not waste any more time trying to replicate 'perfect ideas' that leave us with more to do. Our Playful Path® helps parents ditch the guilt and ENJOY each stage of our gorgeous little people. This series will be unpacking how each Bluey episode shifts the paradigm from POWER-based to *empowered*. (SQUEAL!) Say it with us: Perfection is a UNICORN.

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