Purposefully Playful


Our ‘Purposefully Playful’ pillar looks at the intentional things we can do to keep our little people’s hands – and minds – busy.

Although this pillar of our Playful Path is about the types of things/invitations you can DO with your children – it’s not about cranking out ‘activities’ because you saw a chick on Instagram do the same thing.

I have had many conversations with Mums thinking they need to DO more in order to be a ‘better mum’ for their kids. (You just need to google ‘toddler activities’ and you would get roughly 3 million hits in the first second!)

But the reality?

Being a part of a ‘Playful Family’ isn’t about the number of activities you set up for your children.

It’s not even about DOing more – it’s about the way you are BEing!

It’s about finding the fun in the day-to-day moments, and using these to lovingly connect with your child.

So the key word in this pillar?


(Quick side note – I wanted ‘intentional, but the lure of alliteration got me! ????)

This pillar addresses the intentional things we can do with our little people at whatever age and stage they’re at.

In our process, this ALWAYS starts from YOUR family. (You may get sick of me saying this – but we have an ‘inside out’ approach here)

This pillar looks at things like:

  • using what you have to encourage meaningful play
  • finding the JOY in those micro-moments
  • turning routine things into a game
  • starting where your child is at
  • leveraging the very things you say NO to into – and using this knowledge to hold their interests

Our Playful Path process is designed to help empower you to see YOUR family, YOUR children and what THEY are doing, and then use that knowledge to find ideas to suit- not the other way around.

Like we discussed in our Foundations Post: it’s about finding the fun in the day-to-day moments, and using these to lovingly connect with your child.

‘Pretty’ gets in the way of play.

Amy Cox

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Hey - I'm Amy! I help Mums ditch perfection and embrace the joy and connection that exists within the messy, ordinary moments of family life.

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