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Let's STOP trying to make life ‘perfect’ and get things working for you, not against you.

Perfection is a unicorn (aka it doesn't exist).  A more empowering, more respectful, more playful waof raising your kids is waiting for you below!

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Free Masterclass

How to have more fun without everything else getting out of hand

The quickest way to get started! Check out our free masterclass packed with simple, practical tips to have more FUN with your children, nourishing their development without feeling overwhelmed that all the other jobs are piling up.

What other parents are saying about it...


Play Squad®

A 12 week, step-by-step guide to help your kids PLAY more, nourish their development, without you needing to DO more.


Ditch the guilt and stress and ENJOY each stage of those fleeting years with your gorgeous little people with help of our evidence-based and award-winning Playful Path®.

Our one-of-a-kind program:

  • understand your child's play (and get them playing longer) 
  • stop comparing yourself (and your kids) to others
  • design your home to be your helper so you can get sh1t done
  • inspire authentic play
  • will help you fall in love with the parent you ARE.

"In an online world filled with 'experts', Amy stands out from the crowd. Her in-depth knowledge of the brain, her dedication to research and study, and her phenomenal passion for children and mothers is world-leading. In her own unique way, she is able to transform how women see themselves, and therefore how they parent. And our world really needs that right now."

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

"The Play Squad community is invaluable - with all the pressure on mums to be everything and do everything and be perfect - Play Squad is the antidote to that. It’s really driven home that it’s not a race, it’s not a competition. We’re all at different stages and it’s all ok. Now, my kids and I don’t get as tired or frazzled and our days consistently go so much smoother!"

Sara, Play Squad Member

"Amy Cox is a leading light in the parenting world. She's my go-to when I need a loving reminder about not only what my kids need, but what I need, to thrive in my parenting journey. Delivering no BS info and inspo - I cannot get enough of Amy! Thanks for all you do for mother's out there who are craving a new, guilt-free and playful way to live!"

Lisa Corduff

"Amy Cox is the delightful antidote to the darker side of modern life. She embodies FUN like nobody I have ever met."

Kate Luckins, Sustainable Lifestyle

"Working with Amy has shifted my thinking in many ways. I've really learnt that I am already enough as a mum for my kids. They need me to be there, connecting and being playful in the moment."

Chalette, Mum of 2 + Play Squad Member

The Smile Connection®

For mums who want to move from ‘just getting through the day’ with their kids, to being more present and calm in all the messy moments.

The Smile Connection® will help you focus on self-awareness and allow you to view parenting in a way that leads to more joy, ease and LOVE in the day-to-day (even the whiny, tantrummy, less-than-desirable times).

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What other parents are saying about 'SMILE':

"This program is nothing short of amazing.  It's a journey of emotional awakenings, aha moments, revelations and a new level of self awareness.  This journey is supported not only by Amy and her uplifting and joyful presence but also by a community of like-minded people who love their kids so much and want to find better balance in their parenting world.  I came in thinking I would get answers to 'fix' things and it turned out what I really needed was to find ME again! Highly, highly recommend."

Chris (SMILE Participant)

"I have done so many courses and NOTHING comes close to the sheer awesomeness of this program.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me see myself, accept myself and learn to embrace myself.  I know that I AM enough and I AM what my children need."

Becky (SMILE Participant)

"Hearing people's reflections and growth and mind blowing moments in this group is incredible! That's what makes this program so amazing, that we're all in it together and it's so achievable as we're not aspiring for perfection!"

-Sabrina (SMILE Participant)

"I just wanted to acknowledge what a gift this program is! Thank you for what you are making us aware of and for enabling so many amazing conversations.  Mums need a safe space to share what's going on for them, to articulate how different they feel to a loving ear because it is normal and ok, you are strong no matter how 'weak' you feel ."

Chelsea (SMILE Participant)


If you have a specific skill you want to learn - these short and sweet Masterclasses are for you.

Have a burning desire to learn something specific? Time poor? These short and powerful classes are designed for eternal students craving new strategies!

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Get started on your journey


The quickest way to get started! Check out our free masterclass packed with simple, practical tips to have more FUN with your children, nourish their development without all the other jobs getting out of hand

What we do:
our ENJOY Approach

Our ENJOY approach is how we help our Playful Families! It helps you find fresh ways of thinking about being a parent in the 21st century that serves you, your family and humanity.

How we do it:
Our playful path®

Our cyclical, family-specific pathway empowers you to lean into *your* unique family in a world where conventional wisdom, societal conditioning and socially-curated ‘norms’ can make us believe we're not doing enough.

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I’m Amy Cox, and I’m here to help you create connection through being playful.

I help curious, self-aware, NEW GENERATION ‘CEO’ parents lead their families to more connection, play and JOY.

Come join the movement - let’s start truly enjoying this one, precious life.