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As we all know, raising little people isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. Our kids are wired to explore, play, to test their limits and to push ours and this can leave us scratching our heads.


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This podcast will redefine what these less-than-ideal behaviours mean and encourage you to lean into them as a delicious opportunity to become your best, sensitively supporting our children’s skill development and needs - and have FUN in the process! 


Let's parent awesome humans without criticism, shame and blame, replace control with connection and transform power-based parenting into empowered parenting so everyone in our family can become their best.

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I’m Amy Cox, and I’m here to help you create connection through being playful.

I help curious, self-aware, NEW GENERATION  parents lead their families to more connection, play and JOY.

Come join the movement - let’s start truly enjoying this one, precious life.


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How we do it:
Our playful path®

Our cyclical, family-specific pathway empowers you to lean into *your* unique family in a world where conventional wisdom, societal conditioning and socially-curated ‘norms’ can make us believe we're not doing enough.

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Founder of Playful Families®

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