Playful Path

is the heart of Playful Families.

Whether you join our Play Squad (our online membership), hit up our free Playful Families’ resources and podcast, or work with me 1:1... the PLAYFUL (and research supported!) process below runs through everything we do.



PLAY is the foundation of it all - it’s how our children learn about the world around them. Families are built on connection + this is accelerated when we lean in to our individual children with their own interests, needs and strengths. Empowered parents raise empowered children and all these unique values are what brings our Playful Path to life!


Pillar one
Playful Flow

Getting clear on your family’s unique values and making sure emotional needs are met is the secret sauce to filling your days with genuine joy and connection. We’re about starting where your family is at and NOT just creating something that looks ‘Pinsta worthy’!


Pillar two
Playful + Practical

Find age-appropriate toys, ways to store them for your children in a way that not only meets them where they’re at…but also works for YOU - and your family - too.


Pillar three
Purposefully Playful

Play isn’t just for getting through those crunch points of the day. Not only do children learn through play, but with small tweaks to the way you present toys, materials and ideas, you can meaningfully connect with your child, encourage their independence, develop their skills and even create some time and space to recharge (even if it’s 5 minutes!). Plus? It’s LOADS of fun!


Pillar four
Playful Mama

Becoming a ‘Playful Mama’ for your little ones is a process that starts from the inside, out. That means filling your bucket, learning how to ditch the dreaded mum-guilt with mindset, and shaking off the ‘shoulds’ of unicorn parenting - once and for all.



With motherhood comes change. It changes how we look, how we feel, the partner we are - and most importantly - WHO we are. And whilst we go into motherhood thinking we know ourselves and the mother we will be, the reality may be very different.

Let’s face it...when sleep deprivation hits, being who you thought you were going to be is A LOT harder than it looks (and psssst..feeling like this is totally normal!).




Playful Path?

Find out how to ditch the ‘shoulds’ of unicorn parenting, build more joy and connection with your little ones, and have fun doing it!