Playful Mama


In this journey into parenthood, there is so much emphasis on the baby.

But one concept that has been absolutely transformative for me on my parenting journey and for many mothers I have worked with?

Grow yourself, grow your child.

Being a ‘Playful Mama’ for your little ones is a process that starts from the inside out.

That means ‘filling your bucket’ (aka ensuring that you are looking after YOURSELF as well as the little people in your life!), learning how to ditch the dreaded mum-guilt by practising compassion and self-care, adopting a growth mindset (realising that parenting is a continuous learning curve) as well as shaking off all the ‘shoulds dos’ of unicorn parenting – once and for all.

Not only understanding, but knowing that nobody is born a mother.

Day after day, we are learning and growing alongside our children, attuning to each other.

It is an ongoing process of becoming. (Click here to check out the post on matrescence!)

No-one triggers us like our children can.

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Hey - I'm Amy! I help Mums ditch perfection and embrace the joy and connection that exists within the messy, ordinary moments of family life.

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