Playful Flow


This is the first pillar of our Playful Path Framework!

Our Playful Path is not a ‘one and done’ – it is a process that you can go through time and time again to help tune in to your family and their unique needs, interests and strengths.

This stage? Starts from the INSIDE-OUT. Your family first. ????‍♀️

At Playful Families, we recognise that while there are so many amazing ideas, photos, spaces, families and Pins (on Pinterest) out there…

  •  …and while our friends may parent one way…
  • …or our own parents recommend we do things certain ways…
  • …or we see the way that ‘people on the internet’ do things…
  • …or we thought we’d do things a certain way…

We acknowledge that in order to truly inject joy, playfulness and connection into our lives with our little people, there is a very important place we need to start: 


In our first pillar of our Playful Path, instead of encouraging you to look externally for ideas – we invite you to look inwards towards your own family! 

Getting to know our kiddos (and ourselves as parents!) is an ongoing process and a key feature of this pillar is ditching ‘Pinterest Perfect’ standards and leaning in to where *your* family is at at this very moment.  

Remember: Perfection is a unicorn – there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, or perfect children.  

Our motto? Let’s aim for CONNECTION over perfection!

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Hey - I'm Amy! I help Mums ditch perfection and embrace the joy and connection that exists within the messy, ordinary moments of family life.

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