It’s one area we all are desperate to get right – as it is, arguably, the most important job we’ll ever have.

When we are expecting a baby, we ‘prepare for parenting.’

We get the baby’s room organised.

We buy the cot, change table and pram.

But it’s not until we are holding that tiny little person in our arms that we feel the earth move underneath us – we are now suddenly responsible for another life.

The world as we know it is transformed, as is our role within it.

And it turns out? There’s a word for this universal transition into motherhood and understanding this ancient yet thoroughly modern insight into motherhood will change everything.

It will explain that pull to be there for your child’s every moment, yet also crave your independence.

It will stop the guilt and the comparison, and allow you to soften into the gift of motherhood.

In this video chat, my good friend Amy Taylor-Kabbaz shares some insight into this total transformation that women go through when they become a mother.

It is called MATRESCENCE (and a quick heads up? you are going to want to tell everybody you know about it!)

Want more from Amy Taylor-Kabbaz?

Amy TK has just written a book all about this forgotten transition called ‘Mama Rising

You can find Amy on her website here

Or her Podcast, Happy Mama Movemement here

This beautiful quote shared in one of Amy Taylor-Kabbaz’s programs summarises matrescence beautifully:

“With motherhood comes change.

It changes how we look, how we feel, the partner we are and most importantly, who we are.  And whilst often we go into motherhood thinking we know ourselves and know the mother we will be, the reality may be very different.

So we fight.

We fight to be the person we once were.

We fight to be the mother we wanted to be.

But, because this is not our truth, we fail.

We may hang on tooth and nail for years, but eventually something will give.

Our health.  Our relationship. Our happiness.  Our children’s well being.

Something has to give.

These unrealistic expectations of mothers and women passed down through generations and through the media are making us miserable and sick, trying to attain the impossible vision of the ‘perfect modern woman’ that does it all and has it all.

Can we instead find the true woman and the true mother that we are, and love and honour her with all our heart so she can shine bright and light up her own world and that of those around her?”

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