Ready to REALLY enjoy the time you spend with

your kids?


A lot (and I mean A LOT) of parents feel like they should know how to play with their kids and they get stressed when it doesn’t come naturally. You are not alone!

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Join me in the


Let me help you find the joy, connection and playfulness you’ve been craving in your parenting journey. 

If you are…

  • Constantly worrying that you’re not doing enough for your kids
  • Prone to get lost down the Pinterest (or Instagram) rabbit-hole
  • Not quite sure HOW to keep your kids occupied 
  • Wanting to connect more deeply and ENJOY time with your kids...’re in the right place.


About your Teacher


Amy Cox is an award-winning teacher, author, mother of four and creator of Playful Families™ who helps overwhelmed mums shake off the shoulds of ‘perfect’ parenting and choose their OWN Playful Path™.

Through her online membership, Play Squad™, as well as her 5-week group experience, Smile Connection, Amy provides simple, practical strategies for a more playful home, helping people view parenting through a lens that will lead to more joy, playfulness, ease and LOVE in the day-to-day.

Ready to feel the Connection High?


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