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My name is Amy Cox.

I’m an award-winning teacher, speaker, author, online business owner and mother to four incredible little humans. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been a huge advocate for the transformative power of play in early childhood. I’ve also spent countless hours learning from experts about secure, attached relationships and the impact this has on developing brains and minds.

I’ve seen firsthand how play can help kids rapidly build skills and confidence, and I’ve helped thousands of mums (and early childhood educators) with play ideas, resources and coaching. 

But I also know that play is an attitude. 

Having a playful attitude can help you release stress and connect more deeply with the people you love. 

Many of us have just forgotten how to tap into it.

I know this because it happened to me.

I’d waited my whole life to become a mum and do the sorts of fun, hands-on activities that I’d delivered to hundreds of students in my career as a teacher.

But something I had TOTALLY overlooked?

How the impact of things outside my control affected my best intentions.

(The tiredness. The exhaustion. The overwhelm.)

And the impact that would have on my ability to be the parent I thought I was going to be.

I realised way back then that it wasn’t just about WHAT I was doing with my kids or the ideas – it was about finding the joy in those moments with my little ones in whatever stage they were at.

I needed to let go of the internal pressure I felt to do #ALLTheThings to be the mum *pre-kids-me* thought I would be.  

I needed to stop looking at what everybody else was doing and feeling like I ‘should do’ those things too (even if they weren’t a good fit for my family).

And I knew it wasn’t just me.

There are a whole lot of us feeling like we’re not ‘doing enough’ as mums and that has to change. 

As a recovered ‘Insta-addict’, I also know the pressure that social media has on your expectations of what you ‘should’ be doing with your little people at home.

In our amazing brains, we have these things called mirror neurons. With our social media consumption, we can see these pretty pictures on the socials and think that we need to do these things too.

But hanging your worth and what you ‘should be’ doing (or what toys your child ‘need’) on a highly curated platform with picture perfect images didn’t sit well with me…

It went against everything I had learnt at university, everything I had discovered having my own children and everything I knew to be true about the power of play.

And so the Playful Connection Podcast was born!

Rather than adding to the noise of the space of what you ‘should’ be doing with your little people….I want to start meaningful conversations, based on research of how children learn best.

My mission is simple: 

To help parents embrace connection – not perfection.

To help families find the joy, connection and playfulness in the day to day with their little people.

To help parents with self-awareness, secure attachment and using the power of play to support developing brains.

Because the thing about being a connected, playful parent? 

It doesn’t start from a pretty Pinterest board or Instagram account.

Join me on a journey that starts from the inside-out in our Playful Connection Podcast.

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • Introduction to Playful Families 
  • A little about why I do what I do
  • How Playful Families can help you find the joy and connection that exists in those messy, day to day moments

You can quote me on that:

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Hey - I'm Amy! I help Mums ditch perfection and embrace the joy and connection that exists within the messy, ordinary moments of family life.

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