Episode 5 – Grow Yourself, Grow Your Child

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Parenting is one area we all have a deep desire to ‘get right’.

It’s not just about us anymore – we are literally raising another human, equipping them to the best of our abilities with tools and strategies to help them navigate their life.

We all hold stories of what it means to be a ‘good parent’; stories written well and truly before we entered into this new world. These stories that we tell ourselves have been shaped by how we see, interpret and respond to the world around us.

And, at some stage in our journey, we may feel ‘the niggle’.

The sense that things may not be going according to ‘the plan’ (or the story about what we thought it was going to be like).

And so an incredible opportunity presents itself – the opportunity for personal growth. 

A beautiful, transformative wake up call that allows us to step fully into the human beings that we were supposed to become.

The only constant in parenting is CHANGE. 

Cultivating a growth mindset means that our parenting strategies grow and evolve as our children do.

Grow yourself, grow you child.

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • What to do when you get that niggling feeling that your parenting journey isn’t going at all according to your plan
  • The idea of growing yourself to grow your child
  • How parenting four children really hit home that no two children are the same (even if you parented them the same way)
  • The importance of cultivating a growth mindset when it comes to parenting
  • Admitting (eeep!) that we do not have control over our child’s behaviour… but we CAN control our response 
  • Embracing self compassion and in turn TEACHING self compassion to our children
  • How making mistakes in front of our children is showing them it’s okay that you don’t know all the answers 

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