Episode 4 – Matrescence: Why every mother needs to know about it

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There’s a beautiful moment, after the pain and stress of labor or the long wait for an adopted baby, when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time. 

Finally, you get to meet your beautiful little human face-to-face for the first time. 

And the earth moves.

But then what?

Many of us have been living with a preconceived idea that we become mothers when we first feel the baby move in our bellies or the first time we see them. Then we have to live up to whatever idea of a “good mother” we have created, leading many women to feel like they are constantly failing or need to do more.

Why do we fall into this cycle?

What’s missing in our conversations about motherhood?

There is one magical word that brings some to tears – myself included!

The word is…


Never heard of it? You aren’t alone!

When I first heard the word “matrescence” and what it means for mothers from my gorgeous friend Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, I lost it. 

Even in this week’s episode, you’ll hear my emotions bubble up to the surface because it touches my heart so much. 

This episode is a replay of a conversation I had with my dear friend Amy during a recent Playful Challenge.

We have an honest discussion about the conversation we aren’t having with new mothers. 

And as we learn from Amy Taylor-Kabbaz in this episode:

“Matrescence. Just as adolescence describes the natural but all-encompassing transformation from child to adult, and affects every part of your life, matrescence describes the natural but all-encompassing transition from woman to mother.  And it affects every part of your life.”

Mothers seem to work under this expectation that they can make a HUGE shift in their lifestyle, routine, physical body, hormones, emotions, and identity immediately upon seeing their baby. 

These crazy expectations are leading so many to feeling less than or a “bad mum”.

We don’t need to constantly feel like we aren’t doing enough. 

We don’t need to try and be the Instagram-perfect family. 

And we don’t need to do things exactly like our mothers did it or how our friends are doing it. 

It’s about YOU as a mother.  The woman.

So tune in for an honest conversation about:

  • The meaning of “matrescence”
  • What new mothers are being told
  • The pitfalls we all face
  • The cycle we end up in as new mums
  • The transformation we all go through
  • How to identify your cultural and familial ideas of what a “good mother” is
  • How to redefine your definition of a “good mother”
  • How to define what’s important for you, your children, and your family

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