Episode 2 – The Power of Play

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Over the last few years on social media, I have noticed a new trend.

Instead of play being viewed as something that happens, naturally and incidentally, it has flipped to something that we, as parents, need to DO.

So what actually IS play?

What makes it meaningful for our kiddos?

As a former teacher who went on to have four little people (under the age of five), I have seen time and time again firsthand the incredible impact that play has on little minds and bodies.

We have an entire membership dedicated to it – called Play SquadTM!

So WHY is play so important?

In a nutshell…

Play = learning.

It’s the way children are biologically wired – it is central to a child’s learning and development. So much so, that play is recognised by the United Nations as a child’s fundamental right.

When a child plays, it gives him/her lots of different ways and opportunities to learn.


  • builds confidence and resilience
  • helps develop concentration
  • helps a child feel loved, happy and safe
  • develops skills (social skills, physical skills, fine motor skills, language and communication)
  • helps a child learn to care for others and the environment.

Play doesn’t come from a pretty Pinterest board or Instagram account. 

It’s not about spending a lot of money on colour coordinated activities or toys. 

It’s certainly not about chasing your kids around with a camera, applying an airbrush filter and putting the photo on Instagram so everyone see what a #perfectparent you are. 

This week on the podcast I’m talking about the importance of play, what play actually is and how you can foster more of it meaningfully into your family life. 

In this episode, we look at how we can let go of all our expectations of what play ‘should’ look like and embrace the messy, joyful and fun play that builds our kiddos brains.

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • Why play needs to be part of every family’s life (NOT in a ‘to do’ way)
  • What PLAY is – and what it’s NOT – and how it looks in action.  (HINT: this doesn’t come from a pretty Pinterest board or Instagram account)
  • Why process vs product is so essential to our kiddos 
  • How teaching children who don’t speak the same language taught me something surprising about play 
  • There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to play
  • Pretty gets in the way of play.   Often, the prettier an idea is or the more structured it is or the more outcomes based it is, the less beneficial it is for our young children and the less able they can explore and learn
  • Play isn’t perfect – kids will get angry and frustrated – this is okay and totally normal 

If you want to truly understand WHAT play is and how you can foster more of it in your home (hint: it doesn’t involve spending a fortune on hand whittled wooden toys) this episode is for you. 

For this magnificent quote “Unstructured free play is the best type of play for young children. And this is play that just happens, depending on what takes your child’s interest at the time. Free play isn’t planned and it lets your child use his, or her imagination and move at his own pace.”

Raising Children Network

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