I believe we can change the world when we 

empower families

Previous generations have used power-based tools to raise children.  Control was the 'go to'.

We’re here for a more empowering, more respectful, more playful way of raising our kids. 

We are here to empower our kids to make sense of what’s happening in their minds and bodies, sensitively support their skill building and use the power of play to help nourish their brains.


Most of the time, the challenging, unenjoyable and frustrating moments of being a parent boils down to two things.

At Playful Families, we call these times ‘delicious challenges’.

We can let these times bring out the WORST in us, or we use these times as an opportunity to become our best.


We believe that it is in these times that the real ‘practise of parenting’ exists.


And that's where our ENJOY approach comes in!

SMILE + ENJOY Acronym (1)

Our ENJOY Approach

is what we do for our

Playful Families:



Say 'bye bye' to surviving, hello to THRIVING!

You can’t embody the highest version of yourself unless you’re CLEAR about who this is!  We know we’ll grow INTO this person with intention, practise, patience and LOVE.  



A Pinterest board of ideas is not going to help you become a calm, confident parent - but this will.

We simplify the neuroscience of development and neurobiology of relationships - and teach you this to help your family thrive.



We help you  get intentional about being a  joy seeker + solution finder.

No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best!  We help you live what you value, highlight habits you are reinforcing and what you are inadvertently teaching your kids.

(Spoiler alert: this means being intentional in stepping OFF the hamster wheel - we are human BEings, not human DOings).



Let's raise children who know their value and help them be the best they can be!

We observe (without judgement) what is within us, and what is within our children, trusting their innate timeline. 

When we observe, we are a witness rather than a judge. This allows us to see our  children objectively with fresh eyes, helping us to respond (rather than react)



 We don’t pigeon hole ‘parenting approaches’.   We take the pick of the bunch of the things that work for us!

CONTROL? Is a tool of the past. We don't get stuck in rigid 'rules' - we choose from a repertoire of family-specific tools that help us step into our inner CEO.

We help our playful families create positive routines, habits, experiences and environments so they start ENJOYing their families - exactly as they are.

Our ENJOY approach? 

Is not ‘one size fits all’.  

It helps YOU step into being the leader of and advocate for your family.  

It helps you ditch comparison, fear, perfectionism and guilt and start enjoying your life, feeling empowered and confident in your role as a parent.




The quickest way to get started! Check out our free masterclass packed with simple, practical tips to have more FUN with your children, nourish their development without all the other jobs getting out of hand

How we do it:
Our playful path®

Our cyclical, family-specific pathway empowers you to lean into *your* unique family in a world where conventional wisdom, societal conditioning and socially-curated ‘norms’ can make us believe we're not doing enough.

Meet Amy,
Founder of Playful Families®

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