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Play is recognised by the United Nations as a fundamental human right.  So why is it disappearing from early childhood? Does our obsession with preparing children for school (including our babies and toddlers) align with the science of how humans develop?

At Playful Families, we are here to elevate play as a highly relevant neurobiological activity.



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When most people hear this word, reactions typically range from:

‘I don’t have time'

or ’that's only for the InstaMums'

to ‘I’ve got this covered - we’ve got a playroom and #ALLTheToys’

to ‘but what my kids find fun, I just find SO DULL!’


As a mama of four, I get it.

But what if I told you that play isn’t what everyone thinks it is?

It isn’t about having a playroom.

It DOESN’T require more of your time.

You don’t even need to like what your child likes!

What if I told you that play is for YOU as much as it is for your child?

It’s easy to view ‘play’ as another thing to DO in our already full lives.

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But let me tell you something radical that will change your life

and set you free:


Play doesn’t require you to DO anything.

It’s a way to “BE” in life and as parents.

The magic of play is that you can be exactly how you are

And you get to be with your child, exactly as THEY are.

And when that happens, there’s joy, connection and MAGIC.

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I’m Amy Cox, and I’m here to help you create connection through being playful.

I help curious, self-aware, NEW GENERATION parents lead their families to more connection, play and JOY.

Come join the movement - let’s start truly enjoying this one, precious life.

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