Hey there!

I’m Amy Cox

founder of Playful Families®.

If I was whipping out the ol’ resume, I’d tell you that I’m an award-winning (former) teacher, author, Mum-of-four and Online Business Owner who gets to work alongside some of Australia’s leading experts in parenting.

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But here’s why I’m really here...


After having my first three kids in three years, I felt kinda gypped.

I’d waited my whole life to become a mum and do the sort of fun, hands-on activities that I’d delivered to hundreds of students in my career as a teacher.

But something I had TOTALLY overlooked?

The impact that being tired would have on my ability to do this.

When I was in ‘the haze’, I remember wishing someone to walk me through simple ideas to get playful.

I didn’t want to think about it (or plan it, screenshot it, save it, pin it…), I wanted to live it with my children.


In my early days of parenting...

I would whip out a ‘Pinterest idea’ and then expect my little ones to sit quietly and play (while I kicked back with a hot cup of coffee, of course).

Then - BAM reality.

My boys would trash the idea - after touching it for five seconds - and I’d find myself at boiling point with a cold cup of coffee wondering WHY I bothered?!

I realised way back then it wasn’t just about the ideas - it’s equally about the parenting tools to find the joy in those moments with my little ones in whatever stage they were at.

I realised I needed to start from MY kids...MY family dynamic...and not from an external idea.

This super simple process that I have gone through sooo many times over the last almost decade of my parenting journey helped make life with little people less overwhelming for ALL of us.

The kicker?

The pressure I felt to do #ALLTheThings and step into being *the* mum pre-kids-me thought I would be?

That’s actually
unicorn parenting

it didn’t exist!


The truth is...

we don’t need to strive for ‘perfect’ when there are so many micro-moments of joy and connection waiting in

our messy, ordinary everyday.


Here’s how that truly landed for me:

In 2016, my family moved to a tiny country town almost 2000kms away from everybody and everything we knew.

Back then, I had someone warn me to be careful...that the move may ‘break me’.

But when we got to this brand new place, with 4 kids under the age of 5, you know what happened?

The exact opposite!

Finally, I was freed from what I ‘should’ do...

I was freed from the expectations and commitments from work, freed from the ‘shoulds’ of my inner dialogue as well as expectations from well-meaning family and friends.

We were able to live from our own family values:

adventure, connection, joy & quality time.


Basically, our big move resulted in me being able to redefine who our family was on our own terms.

I kicked all the ‘should do’s’ and this healed me - I came home.

And I want to share the process that got me there with YOU!

(And just a quick heads up: moving your family across the country is NOT required!)


I'm on a mission...

A mission to help overwhelmed mums who feel the pressure to do #ALLTHETHINGS to shake off the ‘shoulds’ of ‘perfect’ parenting

& empower them to choose their OWN playful path.

Nothing lights me up more than being able to help Mums like you find more joy, connection and ease while their little ones are still, well...little!


This is why I created Play Squad...

Because I believe we gain so much from saying a big, collective SEEYA to the pressure of ‘perfect’.

I wanted to create a truly supportive community where mothers could relate to one another, as well as the messy-haired human on the screen. Where they could find play ideas that worked for kids like theirs, ask the questions they need answered and gain confidence and self-belief as a mum. A place where they could celebrate small wins (and complete fails!) with a nurturing, big-hearted online family.


So that’s me

I’m not some got-it-all together super-parent.

I’m just a learning-obsessed, connection-fuelled mum here to help you use play to bring more joy and ease into the precious time you have with your little ones!

Because the thing about being PLAYFUL?

It’s not so much about what you are DOing…

But more about how you are BEing.

And the best way to follow that kind of playful path is from the inside out.


So, remember:

You’re stronger than you think and
you’ve *totally* got this.

I’m SO pumped to have you here!

Cheering for you! Big smiles,

Amy xx

"The Play Squad community is invaluable - with all the pressure on mums to be everything and do everything and be perfect - Play Squad is the antidote to that. It’s really driven home that it’s not a race, it’s not a competition. We’re all at different stages and it’s all ok. Now, my kids and I don’t get as tired or frazzled and our days consistently go so much smoother!"

Sara B

"Even with a third baby into the mix now, things work even better than they worked before. The days run more smoothly and easier now that I’ve learnt to use our family values as a guide, listen to what my kids really need and want, and work as a team. I have that confidence and now it’s easy to block out those other opinions out there that don’t align with me."

Amy C

"Thanks to Amy’s work, I’m able to be more present with my little ones. Now I have the confidence and self-belief that I’m doing a good job. I’ve realised I don't need to be doing a million more things to be the ‘perfect’ mum. THAT was the big ‘click’ for me. These days, if there’s a critical meltdown moment, I can handle it better because it’s so much easier to stay present with what really matters and go with the flow."


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