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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the never-ending pressure to do #AlllllTheThings with your little people, I’ve got some great news:

Play doesn’t have to be another thing you need to add to your ‘to-do’ list (or shopping list, for that matter!)

It’s NOT about creating fancy setups for a ‘Pinsta-worthy’ pic.

The truth is:

Play is a way of BEing.

It’s about ditching the ‘shoulds’ of unicorn parenting (aka ‘perfect’ parenting that doesn’t exist) and becoming the Mum that you CHOOSE to be.

So...can I help you find simple, practical play ideas for your little ones that actually WORK (even if they don’t look Pinterest perfect)?


But Playful Families is so much more than ideas for play.


Looking for a supportive community of like-minded mums?

A community that celebrates your successes (and #fails) no matter how big or small?

One filled with play ideas that actually work for you AND your little ones (as well as the right experts to answer your need-to-know questions)?


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joy, connection & ease


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A Pinterest board of play activities is not going to help you become a more connected, playful parent.  This podcast is an exploration of what is! Made for curious, self-aware parents ready to find more connection and joy in the every day.

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Our unique and evidence-based work helps parents inject more play, joy and connection into life with little ones.  From 'play ideas' that actually work, to the neuroscience of connection and play, you'll find tools and resources to support your journey here.

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At Playful Families, we know perfection is a unicorn (aka it doesn't exist) and recognise that sometimes we need reminders of this!  We choose connection, not perfection.  Download our (free) manifesto and join the PLAYFULution here!

I’m Amy

& I like squishy hugs.


I’m here to help you get PLAYFUL.

I help curious, self-aware parents tap into their unique values, uncover their children's superpowers and provide the resources and support to fuel their mindset to become a playful parent from the inside out.

Amy cox