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We are a movement that empowers a new generation of parents to enjoy the delicious challenge of raising awesome humans.

Parenting Resources

for the 21st century

Parent resources simplifying the science of how children - and parents! - thrive.  


We help parents like you:

  • see the developmental reasons behind your child's actions and behaviour
  • appreciate and elevate your child’s natural drive to play
  • understand how your needs and behaviour shapes your child's brain
  • leverage the greatest 'tool' you have as a parent: connection.


It’s easier to ENJOY it and parent with more compassion and joy when you’re not taking your child’s behaviour personally!


Start enjoying parenting here:

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Signature Programs

Let's STOP trying to make life ‘perfect’ and get things working for you, not against you.

A more empowering, more respectful, more playful way of raising your kids is waiting for you right now!

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"How to easily connect with your kids even if you feel like you don't have enough time.'

This masterclass will show you exactly how to get quality time with your children AND also get those never-ending jobs done, re-prioritising fun and connection with your children in a meaningful way!

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Playful Families Podcast

A pinterest board of ideas is not going to help you become a calm, confident parent.  Our podcast dives into what will!

We are here to help families


Playful Path®.

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Our trademarked process reminds us that being a parent is a reflective and ongoing process.  

It empowers us to see our unique family for who they are.  And, of course, it honours that we are going to make mistakes and stuff up...and get up and try again.

Just in case no-one's told you today...

Best Parenting Resources

"In an online world filled with 'experts', Amy stands out from the crowd. Her in-depth knowledge of the brain, her dedication to research and study, and her phenomenal passion for children and mothers is world-leading. In her own unique way, she is able to transform how women see themselves, and therefore how they parent. And our world really needs that right now."

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

"Amy Cox is a leading light in the parenting world. She's my go-to when I need a loving reminder about not only what my kids need, but what I need, to thrive in my parenting journey. Delivering no BS info and inspo - I cannot get enough of Amy! Thanks for all you do for mother's out there who are craving a new, guilt-free and playful way to live!"

Lisa Corduff

"Amy Cox is the delightful antidote to the darker side of modern life. She embodies FUN like nobody I have ever met."

Kate Luckins, Sustainable Lifestyle

"Working with Amy has shifted my thinking in many ways. I've really learnt that I am already enough as a mum for my kids. They need me to be there, connecting and being playful in the moment."

Chalette, Mum of 2 + Play Squad Member

I'm Amy

& I like squishy hugs.

Amy Cox Founder Playful Families

I’m here to help you enjoy the ride of being a parent.


I'm an Aussie mama to 4, author, former teacher, Therapeutic Play Practitioner, clinical masters postgrad and founder of the award-winning business Playful Families®. 

I help parents like you ditch the guilt and pressure, help you unlock what makes your kiddos tick and empower you on your PLAYFUL PATH® .

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